How important is aeration for your property? The difference in vibrant, healthy grass could sometimes be whether or not you are letting your turf breathe. 

Even the most well-maintained lawns can occasionally suffer from fatigue and overuse. Over the summer, our yards become our playgrounds. Excessive foot traffic, tons of lawn mowing, and even vehicles parked on your lawn can compact your turf’s soil. Soil compaction prevents vital nutrients, oxygen, water, and sunlight from getting down to your roots, weakening them over time and resulting in brown spots and spongy turf. When this happens, it may be time for a lawn boost. Green Machine offers a process called lawn aeration that can help.

What is Lawn Aeration?

Lawn aeration uses a machine that perforates small holes throughout your lawn approximately three inches deep and then places them sporadically on top of your lawn. These holes once again allow those much-needed nutrients, sunlight, oxygen, and water to penetrate your roots.

Benefits of Lawn Aeration

But the benefits of lawn aeration don’t just stop there. Aeration helps to stop water run-off and puddling, reducing your chances of being infested by lawn surface pests and diseases, along with many others. A few more of the tremendous advantageous aeration provides your lawn include:

Prevent Thatch Build Up

Prevention of thatch build-up! Thatch is the outer layer of dead and living vegetation and debris that forms on top of your grass. A little thatch is ok and actually beneficial for your lawn. Excessive thatch, on the other hand, blocks nutrients and other essential elements from getting through, creating an environment ripe for pests and fungi. Having your grass aerated not only helps to break up soil compaction but also helps to break up and decompose thatch.

Have a Healthier Lawn

Think of your grassroots as the brain of the plant. They are the foundation for your entire lawn anchoring your grass in place. When your roots are weak and do not receive the critical elements they need, your entire yard will suffer. With lawn aeration, the process opens up your soil, allowing your roots to receive essential micronutrients along with more water, sunlight, and oxygen. The roots then transfer these components to the grass’s blades, producing a healthier, fuller, greener lawn.

Prevent Patchy Spots

No one wants patchy brown spots throughout their lawn. And while these unsightly areas can be a symptom of many different lawn ailments, aerating will help to improve air circulation and reduce humidity. A reduction in wet soil will help prevent various types of lawn fungi, including brown patch disease.

Professional Lawn Aeration Services

Revitalize your lawn today with the professional services at Green Machine. We offer a free inspection to determine the cost of aerating your grass. Our knowledgeable and experienced lawn care technicians use only the highest quality equipment and products when performing aeration or any other service. Get your free estimate today or call us at 570-669-8904.